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  • Overwhelmed with increasing stakeholder engagement requirements?
  • Tired of searching through endless spreadsheets?
  • Trying to keep consistent records of stakeholder communication and engagement?
  • Need to ensure that stakeholder issues are logged and addressed?
  • Want to improve your stakeholder relationships?

Say Hello to Jambo!

Cloud-Based Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) Software

Jambo is the fastest and easiest way for organizations and government departments to manage their stakeholder information, stakeholder communications and their stakeholder engagement projects.

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Working in Stakeholder Engagement Means You Must:

Track and Manage Communications with Stakeholders

Track and Manage Communications with Stakeholders

Resolve Stakeholder Issues and Fulfill Commitments

Resolve Stakeholder Issues and
Fulfill Commitments

Illustrate Adequate Consultation Occurred with Stakeholders

Illustrate Adequate Consultation Occurred with Stakeholders

With Jambo you can:

Save Your
Team Time

  • Quickly log records of contact with your stakeholders
  • Save time with email integration, smart workflows, tag-based search, and instant save capabilities

Stay on Top of Stakeholder Issues

  • Track stakeholder issues and understand their priority and impact
  • Know when issues have been addressed without having to ask

Help Visualize Project Progress

  • Create geospatial PDFs to enhance project transparency
  • Inform decision-makers on project progress with helpful and insightful reports

Manage Stakeholder Commitments

  • Monitor the progress of stakeholder commitments right through to fulfilment
  • Keep a record of commitments made to keep everyone on the same page


  • Reports can be quickly produced to visually show the entire history of engagement your organization has had with a single contact or a whole community
  • Create shareable reports that illustrate your consultation to help with project approval

Improve Relationships

  • Easily access the full history of engagement and all your conversations with any organization or individual stakeholder
  • Improve consistency in your messaging and always be prepared before communicating or meeting

Lower Project

  • Stakeholder information resides securely in the cloud, making it easy for everyone to access, update and report on
  • Reduce the risk of knowledge or data loss that comes with staff turnover

Unleash Team Collaboration

  • Stay on top of tasks and monitor project progress through the project team dashboard
  • With cloud-based access, the whole team can work on the same project at once

Leading Organizations Choose Jambo:

Leading Organizations Choose Jambo:

Jambo has proved to be very useful in managing our increasing consultation requirements. The system generated reports have saved our team significant time.

Gordon Whitmore
Land Management Superintendent
Mercer International Inc.

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