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Healthcare Organizations

Driving different healthcare programs, funding initiatives or policy changes forward means regularly communicating with a wide range of stakeholders. It can be difficult to stay on top of all the conversations concurrently happening within your organization.

Jambo was developed to help simplify and improve how stakeholder engagement, relations and consultation projects are managed by making it easier for organizations to record, track and report on stakeholder information.

Stakeholder Relationship Management. Simplified.

You need to manage stakeholder information in a way that is both understandable and easily shareable among teams. You also need to ensure that your communications with important stakeholders are logged and organized consistently and accessibly. Jambo empowers teams to add structure to their stakeholder management, allowing them to record and keep track of all stakeholder contacts, communications, issues, commitments and tasks.

Stakeholder management teams use Jambo to quickly log contact information, communications, issues and commitments, assign tasks to other team members and monitor project progress.

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Working in Stakeholder Engagement in Healthcare Means You Must:

Communicate With a Wide Range of Stakeholders

Communicate With a Wide
Range of Stakeholders

Log and Share Stakeholder Information

Log and Share Stakeholder Information

Resolve Issues and Build Stakeholder Relationships

Resolve Issues and Build
Stakeholder Relationships

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Better Understand

Improve Stakeholder Information Management

Clearly Understand and Report on Stakeholder Issues


Lower Risk and Maintain Project History

Optimize Time
and Resources

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Better Understand Stakeholders

Always know the projects each stakeholder is involved with, what has been communicated, and any issues identified or commitments made. You can also better understand interests, concerns, and themes associated with your stakeholders, helping you stay consistent with messaging and improve stakeholder relationships.

Improve Stakeholder Information Management

See all your contacts and every interaction your organization has had with them. See who has been consulted, what has been said, what issues have been raised and what commitments have been made. Easily access the shared information so you are prepared before communicating with stakeholders. 

Clearly Understand and Report on Stakeholder Issues

Know what issues have been raised, when and by whom. Easily identify their impact and priority with smart reporting. Manage mitigations, responses and outcomes with an easy to understand timeline.

Simplify Reporting

Create concise and useful reports that help visually explain your project, including where issues may exist and what’s being done to address them. Reports can be produced to show the history of engagement your company has had with a single contact or a whole organization.

Lower Risk and Maintain Project History

Feel confident knowing that your information is protected in a secure, cloud-based system, reducing the risk to data that comes when staff move on. All updates in the system are tracked so you always know who made changes. Easily identify which issues could put your project at risk through a materiality rating system and smart reporting.


Optimize Time and Resources

Every member of the team can log records of communication with stakeholders in one convenient location. Save time with email integration, smart workflows, tag-based search and instant save capabilities. Use the project dashboard to stay on top of tasks and monitor project progress.


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“Jambo has been an effective platform in supporting us to be strategic and intentional in our engagement with key partners. As an organization building on innovative approaches to meaningful stakeholder relations, we required a format that allowed us to organize and bridge stakeholder data in ways that were flexible, customizable and easily retrievable - Jambo delivers"

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Provincial Public Health Partner

Ready to Simplify Stakeholder Relationship Management?

Jambo can help healthcare organizations better manage stakeholder information to understand their stakeholders and build effective relationships with them.

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