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Jambo is built for teams that need to improve stakeholder engagement and build better relationships with stakeholders and communities.

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Software built for stakeholder engagement and consultation

Tracking interactions with a large and diverse range of communities and stakeholders can get very overwhelming very quickly.

Spreadsheets and sales CRMs aren’t made for effective stakeholder data management. Jambo is a Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) platform built to help teams manage all their stakeholder and community engagement information in one secure location.

Securely manage your stakeholder information

You may have multiple team members engaging with many stakeholders and communities. 

  • Keep up-to-date details for key contacts in one central and secure location and share them across your organization.  
  • Log a record of every interaction your organization has with an individual or organization (and control access to confidential information). 
  • If anyone leaves the team, their information will still be available.
  • Create stakeholder distribution lists to use in mass communication campaigns.  

Communicate better and build trusted relationships

You're committed to building successful relationships with the communities in which you work.

  • Stakeholder profiles link all records of interactions you've had with stakeholders, organizations, communities, and groups.
  • Prepare for meetings by reviewing profiles to see what's been said previously and stay consistent in messaging.
  • Set tasks and reminders so you don't forget to follow up or address concerns or commitments.
  • Plan out your engagements to ensure no overlap with important community events.

Improve community engagement processes

You want to grow your organization's reputation within communities. 

  • With all your engagement data in one location, you can quickly review it to understand your communities' interests and values better.  
  • Determine what elements of your engagement process work best and become a more informed team overall. Identify any potential risks and get ahead of them. 
  • Reference past conversations with stakeholders to gain trust in your organization and engagement process. 

Create useful reports in seconds

You might be expected to prepare regular reports or respond to frequent requests for information.

  • When all your data is stored in one location, you can easily pull it into reports in just a few clicks.  
  • Create summarized or detailed progress reports for decision-makers or to help satisfy regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Export data and analytics for use in annual reports.
  • Use report elements to help show stakeholders how feedback was used to inform plans.

“Jambo has been an effective platform in supporting us to be strategic and intentional in our engagement with key partners. As an organization building on innovative approaches to meaningful stakeholder relations, we required a format that allowed us to organize and bridge stakeholder data in ways that were flexible, customizable, and easily retrievable - Jambo delivers"

Stakeholder Lead, Canadian Provincial Public Health Partner

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