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Jambo is built for teams that need to improve stakeholder engagement and build better stakeholder relationships.

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Software built for stakeholder engagement and consultation

Managing all your activities related to stakeholder and community engagement can get very complicated very quickly.

Spreadsheets and sales CRMs aren't made for effective stakeholder data management. Jambo is a Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) platform built to help teams manage all their stakeholder engagement information in one secure location.

Securely manage your stakeholder information

You may have multiple team members engaging with many stakeholders and communities. 

  • Keep up-to-date stakeholder contact details in one secure location.
  • Control user permission levels and access to confidential records (so contractors can safely contribute, too).
  • If anyone leaves the team, their stakeholder information will remain available.

Communicate better and build trusted stakeholder relationships

You're committed to building collaborative relationships with your stakeholders.

  • Consistently log and track records of communication with stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder profiles show all records of interactions you've had with a stakeholder or organization.
  • Prepare for a meeting by reviewing a stakeholder profile so you can stay consistent in messaging and reference past conversations to help gain trust.

Stay on top of stakeholder issues and commitments

Reputation and risk management are essential to your organization.

  • Track issues or concerns, review them by priority and impact and ensure they are resolved.
  • Commitments or mitigations can be made by anyone at any time, but they may not need to be fulfilled immediately.
  • Log all commitments made and assign tasks to team members so they are fulfilled and not forgotten.

Simplify stakeholder engagement reporting

It can take days to compile stakeholder engagement reports. 

  • When all your data is stored in one location, you can easily pull it into reports in just a few clicks.  
  • Quickly create summarized or detailed progress reports for decision-makers or to help satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Use report elements in annual reports and show stakeholders how feedback was used to inform plans.
Skeena Resources

“Jambo has been a fundamental tool in progressing our project through the BC Environmental Assessment Process and supporting our relationships with communities. The Jambo team has been dedicated to collaborating with us every step of the way, making this software work for our needs. As our use of Jambo continues to grow I am excited to see new ways it can create efficiencies and support our extensive community engagement.”

Emily Milne, Engagement and Partnership Specialist, Skeena Resources Limited

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