Stakeholder engagement software for forestry

Jambo is built for teams that need to meet goals related to stakeholder engagement and Indigenous relations. Simplify stakeholder relationship management so you can focus on creating positive, progressive relationships. 

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Software built for stakeholder engagement and consultation

Managing all your activities related to Indigenous relations and community engagement can get very complicated, very quickly.

Spreadsheets and sales CRMs aren't made for effective stakeholder data management. Jambo is a Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) platform built to help teams manage all their stakeholder engagement information in one secure location.

Securely store and organize your stakeholder information

You may use multiple solutions to log and track stakeholder engagement and Indigenous consultation records. 

  • Keep an up-to-date and secure database of crucial contact details that can be shared across projects (like Indigenous communities, trappers, government personnel, community groups, etc.)
  • Control user permission levels and access to records.
  • If anyone leaves the team, their information will still be available.
  • Reduce the volume of ad-hoc solutions and lower the risk of information gaps or data falling through the cracks.

Build and maintain collaborative stakeholder relationships

You want to build relationships with stakeholders and communities to enhance understanding and collaboration.

  • Consistently track and manage records of communication and interactions with stakeholders and Indigenous communities.
  • All records are auto-linked so you can easily view the entire history of engagement with each individual or organization. 
  • Prepare for a meeting by reviewing a profile to stay consistent in messaging. 
  • Review what tactics worked to improve future engagements and consultations.

Stay on top of stakeholder issues and commitments

If data lives in multiple locations, it's impossible to know if issues and mitigations are being addressed.

  • Track issues or concerns as they are received, review them by priority and impact and monitor them until they are resolved. 
  • Commitments or mitigations can occur in regulatory approvals, as part of sustainability certifications, Indigenous agreements, or during engagements, but they may not need to be fulfilled immediately.
  • Log all commitments made and assign tasks to team members so they are fulfilled and not forgotten.

Simplify regulatory and sustainability reporting

You need to save time searching for information to add to reports. 

  • When all your data is stored in one location, you can easily pull it into reports in just a few clicks.
  • Easily create internal updates and reports on Indigenous relations and community engagement activities.
  • Help show adequate consultation with stakeholders and Indigenous communities with reports that show the entire history of engagement.
  • Simplify reporting related to CSA, SFI and FSC certifications.
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“Excellent quick and efficient...and even a follow-up to make sure all was well...a stellar example of what a support service should be...thank you!.”

Katherine Leppala, Planning Supervisor, Mercer International

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