Software built for stakeholder engagement and consultation

Jambo is made for teams that want to improve stakeholder engagement and build better stakeholder relationships.

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Stakeholder information that is easy to access and search

You need a secure and reliable stakeholder database.


  • Add a contact profile for every stakeholder or organization you are engaging with.
  • Every time you add a record of communication, an issue, or a commitment and associate it with a contact, it links to their profile so you can view and understand the entire history of engagement with them.
  • Always be prepared before a stakeholder meeting!

A stakeholder platform that helps reduce risk

Log and track issues and commitments to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


  • You can set different permissions for each user to meet their data requirements.
  • These individual user permissions will help ensure everyone (even contractors) can use the platform to meet their specific needs while protecting your sensitive data.

Stakeholder engagement reporting that doesn’t take days

All your data is in one location, so you can pull the data you need when you need it.


  • Create summarized or detailed stakeholder engagement reports with just a few clicks.
  • Create reports illustrating the entire history of engagement your organization has had with a single stakeholder or a whole community (or organization) to use in regulatory reports.

Jambo features

Stakeholder profiles

Keep up-to-date contact profiles for all your stakeholders and organizations in one secure location.

Activity and interaction records

Add records for each activity or interaction with your stakeholders. To save time, you can even email a record directly to Jambo or use our Outlook add-in.

Communication campaigns

Build lists of contacts. Export the lists for mass communication campaigns, such as email lists, newsletters, or mailouts.

Stakeholder issues management

Log stakeholder issues or concerns and understand their priority and impact. Follow issues through to resolution with an issues timeline.

Stakeholder commitment tracking

Log commitments, mitigations or promises and ensure they are always remembered, even if they are a long time away from fulfilment.

User permissions and change history

Manage user permissions and control the data that users have access to. Every update is tracked, so you always know who made changes and when.

Stakeholder engagement reporting

Create concise or comprehensive reports in seconds. Built-in and custom reports are available. Save report templates to use repeatedly.

Multi-project data and reports

Review your data and produce reports across your projects. Depending on user permission, restricted data won't be included in multi-project reporting.

Dashboards and tasks

Assign tasks to yourself or team members. Use the dashboard to monitor the status of issues, tasks and team progress. Set auto-reminders to ensure tasks are completed.

Using spreadsheets and need a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) to manage stakeholder engagement information?

For effective stakeholder data management, you need to say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to an SRM!

A CRM is for managing customers and sales; an SRM is for managing stakeholder relationships and engagement activities. Stop drowning in data, and never let data slip through the cracks.

Jambo is an SRM (Stakeholder Relationship Management) platform built to help teams manage all their stakeholder engagement information in one secure location.

Jambo is used by leading organizations and governments like:

Jambo security

At Jambo, we take your data security very seriously

Stakeholder engagement data is confidential and sensitive, so we know you're concerned about the security of our platform. With this understanding in mind, we work tirelessly to keep your data safe and secure with our security features and commitments.

Secure AWS data storage

Jambo data is stored in secure regional-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres. The world's most highly regulated organizations trust AWS every day.


ISO 27001: 2013 and
ISO 27017: 2015 accredited

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification is the highest internationally recognized information security management systems (ISMS) standard. Achieving ISO 27001 is a rigorous process, but it is essential to keep customer information and data safe and secure.


Trusted by governments

Jambo undergoes rigorous and extensive third-party penetration testing yearly to ensure our platform and services are up-to-date and resistant to current threats. Because of this, we're trusted by leading organizations and governments.

Skeena Resources

“Jambo has been a fundamental tool in progressing our project through the BC Environmental Assessment Process and supporting our relationships with communities. The Jambo team has been dedicated to collaborating with us every step of the way, making this software work for our needs. As our use of Jambo continues to grow I am excited to see new ways it can create efficiencies and support our extensive community engagement.”

Emily Milne, Engagement and Partnership Specialist, Skeena Resources Limited

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