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Why Choose Jambo?

Jambo is the fastest and easiest stakeholder engagement and consultation software. It simplifies how organizations manage their stakeholder engagement projects by helping teams collaborate in real-time to track, report and stay on top of all their stakeholder information.

Stakeholder Relationship Management. Simplified.

Use Jambo to quickly log stakeholder information, communications, issues and commitments.
Quickly produce reports, assign tasks to team members and monitor progress throughout the lifetime of a stakeholder engagement project.

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Want to Better Manage Stakeholder Information?

  • See all your contacts and every interaction your organization has had with them
  • See who has been consulted, what has been said, what issues have been raised and what commitments have been made
  • Log records of consultation (emails, phone calls, meetings, mail-outs, etc.) in minutes
  • Save even more time with email integration, smart workflows, tag-based search and instant save capabilities

Want to Improve Stakeholder Relationships?

  • Easily access stakeholder profile information – including communications, issues and commitments so you are prepared when communicating with stakeholders
  • Ensure you’re prepared before meeting with stakeholders
  • Stakeholder-focused workflows help you understand your stakeholders and your projects, which is vital when building stakeholder trust and relationships

Need to Stay on Top of Stakeholder Issues and Commitments?

  • Track issues and understand their priority and impact
  • Know when they have been addressed by your team and follow them through to an eventual resolution with an easy to understand timeline
  • Track project commitments and view when they were made and by whom
  • Monitor commitments right through to fulfilment

Trying to Lower Project Risk?

  • Easily identify which issues could put your project at risk through a materiality rating system and smart reporting
  • Feel confident knowing that your information is protected in a secure, cloud-based system, reducing the risk to data that comes when staff move on
  • Manage user permissions and control the data that users have access to
  • All updates in the system are tracked so you always know who made changes

Aiming to be Transparent with Project Plans?

  • Integrated maps allow you to track areas of concern and consultation locations
  • Export and share geospatial PDFs with your team or stakeholders to enhance project understanding and transparency
  • Insightful analytics and reports help illustrate the status of your project

Consulting with Indigenous Communities or Groups?

  • Simplify First Nations, Métis, Tribal and other Indigenous consultation requirements
  • Reports can be quickly produced to visually show the entire history of engagement your organization has had with a single contact or a whole community, helping illustrate adequate consultation occurred
  • Review and understand the history of consultation with Indigenous communities, an essential ingredient in building strong relationships

Regularly Asked to Report on Stakeholder Engagement?

  • Easily create concise and useful reports
  • Download project progress reports for sharing with decision-makers to keep them up to date
  • Produce detailed reports that illustrate your history of engagement and consultation with one or many stakeholders over an extended period
  • Save report types to make regular report requests easy to handle

Say Hello to Jambo!
Cloud-Based Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) Software

Connect all your stakeholder engagement information in one platform. 

Jambo can help you improve how you track and manage stakeholder information, illustrate adequate consultation occurred and better understand your stakeholders to build effective and meaningful relationships with them.

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Some of Jambo's Main Features:


  • Stakeholder profiles allow you to understand the essential information about your stakeholders and the communications you have had with them or their organization.
  • Stakeholder profiles enable users to quickly see contact information and engagement histories, including any issues raised or commitments made.

Communication Management

  • Quickly create a communication record of each interaction with your stakeholders (phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.).
  • Add notes, attachments and geographic locations, such as an area of interest or an address for a meeting.
  • Connect related issues, commitments or tasks to the communication record, and keep all your stakeholder communications in an organized, highly searchable and reportable format.


  • Know what issues have been raised, when and by whom.
  • Easily identify their impact and priority with a colour-coded materiality matrix and smart reporting.
  • Easily search your data to find issues associated with specific stakeholders or organizations.
  • Use the issue timeline feature to gain a deeper understanding of the history for a specific issue.


  • Automatically log communications with stakeholders to a specific project by emailing the record to Jambo.
  • System logic will translate the emails into readable communication records, associate them with known stakeholders in Jambo, and add any email attachments to the record.

Commitment Tracking

  • Log every project commitment you’ve made and see the corresponding communication record.
  • Easily view commitments to see when they were made and by whom, who is the owner, and the current status of each.
  • Use stakeholder profiles to see a list of all commitments, and generate reports that summarize commitments across one, some or all of your projects – including financial commitments and liabilities.
  • User permissions easily control who can view commitment information.

Concise and Detailed Reporting

  • Create concise or detailed reports quickly.
  • Report on stakeholders, issues, commitments, the history of engagement, and more.
  • Customize and configure your reports using filters and save report settings to make reports easy and repeatable in just a couple of clicks.
  • All associated attachments (i.e. PDF's, images, etc.) can be included in report downloads and are organized in folders by date, making it simple to download and share “everything” when needed.

Report Across Projects and Stakeholders

  • Roll up your data with the ability to run reports on across projects or for a particular stakeholder.
  • This is great if you need to look at your data on an organization-wide level rather than on a project-level.
  • You can also quickly understand the history of engagement with a stakeholder across your projects, including communications, issues and commitments.
  • Multi-project reporting is secure, so if the user running the report doesn’t have permission to access certain information, the report they run won’t include the restricted data.

Dashboard Analytics

  • Use the project dashboard to access helpful project analytics.
  • Quickly view metrics that illustrate important project insights like materiality and risk profiles for stakeholder issues or the top communication tactics being used to contact stakeholders.
  • Easily understand how big your engagement project is through dashboard insights that show the number of engagements that have occurred, and the number of stakeholders or organizations associated with the project.

Custom Fields and Tags

  • Create custom fields to organize your data in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Jambo allows you to add tags to any of your information to help track relevant data like keywords, trends, themes, categories, or concerns.
  • Simplify searching through data by quickly adding important keywords as tags.
  • Easily report on your chosen tags to understand trends and perceptions, or drill into a stakeholder group.


  • Assign tasks to yourself or team members with Jambo’s easy task management.
  • Use the project dashboard for an overview of tasks assigned to you and monitor the status or progress of your team’s tasks.
  • Tasks created as part of an engagement are automatically linked back to the associated communication record, quickly providing context.

Project Mapping

  • Create shareable maps for project areas of concern, consultation areas, or other locations of interest with the integrated map viewer.
  • Map locations and interests to create a visual understanding within your project.
  • Easily create and export geospatial PDFs of your maps to share with stakeholders or decision-makers.

Communication Campaigns

  • The Jambo campaigns module allows you to quickly build lists of stakeholder contacts using search filters like project tags, locations, or other information on a stakeholder’s profile.
  • Once the list is created, you can export it for mass communications, such as emails campaigns, e-newsletters, or mailouts.
  • Campaigns will then appear in the engagement history for a stakeholder.

Stakeholder Engagement Workflows

  • Our unique workflows are designed specifically for managing stakeholder information and stakeholder engagement efforts.
  • Jambo offers smart suggestions to make it easy to capture updates and automatically links communication records with associated issues, commitments and tasks to reduce the amount of data entry required by your team.
  • This allows users to understand the complete picture from a single engagement and also enables traceability to understand where an issue, commitment or task came from.

Document Management

  • Add attachments like PDF's and images to communication records, stakeholder profiles, issues, and projects.
  • Easily compile reports with all associated attachments included.
  • If you choose to include attachments, they will be downloaded in a zipped and organized folder structure, organized by date.

History Tracking

  • Changes to records are tracked automatically, which helps ensure record authenticity.
  • Users can quickly review who made what changes and when across a variety of records to show things ranging from a change of address to a change in the description for a communication record, etc.

Secure Cloud Collaboration

  • Your data is secure, with encryption both at rest and in-transit.
  • Information is centralized and accessible from anywhere with internet access.
  • Changes are virtually instant, which means you and your team always have access to the most accurate and relevant information and can also collaborate on records in real-time.
  • Stakeholder communication records can even be logged automatically via email integration.


  • No need to download a mobile app. Jambo’s responsive design enables a great user experience on your tablet and mobile phones.
  • Add communication records on the go when using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Email communication records directly to your project. Use voice-to-text to capture engagements even faster.

User-Based Permissions

  • User-based permission options allow account administrators to provide multi-level access to your team, contractors and your stakeholder engagement service providers.
  • Easily control the projects that users have access to, and restrict access on select fields such as financial information and confidential notes on stakeholders.
  • Jambo’s role-permission levels make it easy to provide appropriate access to the right people, whether for staff, external contractors, interns, or service providers, etc.

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Jambo’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) option offers better security protection for accounts by requiring users to verify their login details by entering a code sent to the user’s mobile phone via SMS text message.
  • This enhanced security option makes it significantly harder for an unauthorized person to gain access to user accounts and data.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Jambo’s SSO option helps enterprise customers with an additional layer of security and lets their IT teams easily manage access for staff using their existing tools and protocols.
  • Jambo’s SSO works great with major identity providers, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Office 365.
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