Why Jambo?
The Fastest and Easiest Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Software

Jambo is the fastest and easiest way for organizations to manage their stakeholder engagement and consultation programs.

Quickly record and report on stakeholders,
communications, issues, commitments, tasks and more

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Need to Submit First Nations Consultation Reports?

  • Manage First Nations and other Indigenous consultation requirements
  • Auto-generate region-specific regulatory consultation reports* in a single-click (e.g. Alberta ROC Logs) ready for submission to the regulatory body (e.g. ACO)
  • Stop copying and pasting information into consultation reports

* Contact us to find out about availability in your region.

Managing Consultation Records Under Tight Timelines?

  • Document consultation records in less time with email integration
  • Organize data with tags and use them to instantly search for information
  • Instant save allows you the flexibility to switch pages without losing data

Struggling to Stay on Top of Stakeholder Issues?

  • Identify, share and track stakeholder issues
  • Know when issues have been addressed by the team without having to ask
  • Follow issues through to an eventual resolution with an easy to understand timeline

Trying to Collaborate with a Disconnected Team?

  • The whole team can work on the same project at once
  • Stay on top of tasks and monitor progress with the team dashboard
  • Easily share project information (concerns, issues, mitigations, responses and commitments) with operational teams and sub-contractors

Aiming to be Transparent with Project Plans?

  • Integrated maps allow you to upload your project area and track consultation locations, areas of concern or other features
  • Export and share geospatial PDFs with your team or stakeholders to enhance transparency
  • Insightful analytics and reports help illustrate the status of your project

Want to Improve Stakeholder Relationships?

  • Easily access a stakeholder’s profile and full engagement history
  • Ensure you’re prepared before meeting with stakeholders
  • Share and track project commitments and monitor progress through to eventual resolution

Scrambling to Report on Stakeholder Engagement Programs?

  • Create concise and useful project reports that illustrate consultation
  • Save report types to make regular report requests easy to handle
  • Download and share project progress reports with decision makers

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Jambo Features

Communication Tracking

Track every phone call, email and meeting. Keep
communications organized in a consistent, highly searchable format.

Issues Management

Know what issues have been raised, when and by whom. Easily identify their impact and priority with smart reporting. Manage mitigations, responses and outcomes with an easy to understand timeline.

Centralize Contacts and Organizations

View contacts associated with projects and instantly access details about any previous engagements they were a part of. Always be prepared walking into a stakeholder meeting.

Email Integration

Log email communications with stakeholders automatically. System logic will translate the emails into records of consultation and keep any attachments intact.

Commitment Tracking

Track project commitments and view when they were made and by whom. Ensure commitments are carried forward and fulfilled by operational teams.


Out-of-the-box reports allow you to share high-level stakeholder engagement progress with decision-makers. Dig into more granular discussions with the customizable report options.

Indigenous Consultation Reporting

Simplify Indigenous consultation reporting through auto-generated reports (region-specific Jambo Packs). Eliminate the need to copy and paste information.

Task Management

Stay on top of important project tasks. Assign tasks to other team members, a communication record, a commitment, an issue or to a whole project.


Gain helpful insights into projects. Quickly view metrics that illustrate the project’s progress, tactics, risk factor and more.

Search With Tags

Use project tags to categorize, analyze and report on stakeholder information. Context filters recommend common search options on screen to speed up searches.


Easily view maps of consultation areas using the integrated map viewer. View stakeholder locations and areas of concern and export and share geospatial PDFs.

Automated History Tracking

Use the project change history to quickly review who made what changes and when.

Document Management

Add attachments to communications, contacts, issues, commitments, tasks and projects. Easily produce reports with all attachments keeping records organized and intact.

Cloud Collaboration

Experience easy collaboration across teams with our web-based experience. View every project update and centrally track and store all consultation related information.

Hosted Cloud and On-Premise Options

Available as a secure, yet easy-to-manage hosted solution. Also available as an on-premise option for customers that need a solution located behind their firewall.

Multi-Project Reporting

Report on multiple projects at once, while still maintaining your security settings. 

Leading Organizations Choose Jambo:

Leading Organizations Choose Jambo:

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