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Jambo is built for teams that want to gain collaborative buy-in from stakeholders. Simplify how you manage stakeholder engagement information and help develop positive relationships with stakeholders and communities.

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Jambo is used by leading organizations and governments like:

Software built for stakeholder engagement and consultation

Tracking interactions with a large and diverse range of communities and stakeholders can get very overwhelming, very quickly.

Spreadsheets and sales CRMs aren't made for effective stakeholder data management. Jambo is a Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) platform built to help teams manage all their stakeholder engagement information in one secure location.

Securely store and organize stakeholder data

You may be engaging with hundreds of stakeholders and communities. 

  • Keep up-to-date contact information that is securely stored in the cloud. 
  • Consistently track and manage records of what's been said and to whom.
  • When team members leave a project, their data will always be accessible even after they move on.
  • Monitor project progress and assign team tasks to keep projects moving forward.

Stay on top of stakeholder issues and commitments

Addressing issues and mitigations is essential for risk management.

  • Commitments or promises can occur at any stage of a project. Organize and track all mitigations made to stakeholders (residents, businesses, Indigenous communities, Tribal nations, etc.) and address them.
  • Keep track of issues and concerns, pinpoint issue hot spots, review by priority, and monitor until they are resolved.

Create useful reports in seconds

It can take days to compile stakeholder engagement reports.

  • When all your data is stored in one location, you can easily pull it into reports in just a few clicks. 
  • Quickly create summarized or detailed reports for managers and decision-makers. Never fear an urgent request for information again. 
  • Use report elements in annual reports to help show stakeholders how their feedback contributed to the plan.

Build positive and trusting relationships with stakeholders

Stakeholders can quickly lose trust in the engagement process.

  • All interactions with stakeholders and organizations (communications, issues, commitments, etc.) are auto-linked to their stakeholder profile so you can review their entire engagement history. 
  • Prepare for a meeting with a stakeholder by reviewing their profile to see any previous engagement information, understand them better, and stay consistent in messaging. 
  • Reference past conversations to show you were listening and help gain trust.
Government of Canada

“Jambo is very easy to use and it's intuitive. It has great functions that make tracking very easy!”

Engagement Coordinator - Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Government of Canada
BC Energy Regulator

“Support from the Jambo Customer Success team was provided very quickly. It is much appreciated in the fast-paced engagement world."

Manager, Stakeholder Relations, BC Energy Regulator

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