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About Us

Jambo is the fastest and easiest stakeholder engagement and consultation software. It simplifies how organizations manage their stakeholder engagement projects by helping teams collaborate in real-time to track, report and stay on top of all their stakeholder information.

The Jambo Story

At Jambo, we believe there's a better way to do stakeholder engagement and consultation.

We know that working in this industry means facing a multitude of time-consuming and complex tasks like developing plans, engaging with stakeholders, logging communication records, monitoring and addressing concerns and issues, proposing and fulfilling mitigations, filing corporate or regulatory reports and more. Our aim is to simplify and improve how those working in this space do their job by using cloud-based, collaborative software.

In 2008, we launched our first stakeholder engagement software tool called Consultation Tracker (CT) that was used by companies and governments across North America. While it was an innovative and intuitive product for its time, as the years passed, we saw the stakeholder engagement world changing. Instead of simply updating our original product with new technology or features, we decided to rethink stakeholder engagement and consultation software.

In 2016, we started developing an entirely new design that would be more intuitive and easier to use. We listened to industry, governments, sustainability professionals, and stakeholder engagement practitioners from across North America to hear their biggest challenges

Through our detailed research, several things became clear:

  • Stakeholder engagement requirements are increasing.
  • The process takes a lot of time.
  • The administration isn't fun.

Recognizing these challenges, we set out on a journey to create the fastest and easiest Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software solution that would improve the stakeholder engagement and consultation process in a way that is simple and enjoyable for users.

Today we call this SRM, Jambo.

“Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software empowers you and your team to build stakeholder relationships by helping manage all stakeholder information and engagement projects in one centralized space.“

Why Jambo?

Managing your communications with all your unique stakeholders is important but can become overwhelming. Having the right software to help you stay organized is crucial to your organization and project’s success.

Jambo began life as a software tool for organizations and governments to manage stakeholder information, stakeholder communications and stakeholder engagement projects. We’ve since grown to become the best software tool for managing and understanding your stakeholder relationships. Stakeholder relationships run longer than the length of a project, and it’s important to understand this complete picture.

Equipped with a deeper understanding of your stakeholders, you can manage your data efficiently, effectively and focus on building meaningful stakeholder relationships within your communities and organizations around the world.

Jambo helps to simplify stakeholder relationship management by allowing you to:

  • Track and manage communications with every stakeholder
  • Identify and log each unique stakeholder role
  • Log and manage stakeholder issues with an easy to understand timeline
  • Log and manage all project commitments right through to fulfilment
  • Compile detailed reports quickly
  • Visualize project plans with an integrated map viewer
  • Assign tasks and monitor team progress
  • Collaborate with other team members or external contractors in the cloud

Our Values

Stakeholder engagement is more than an obligation, it's more than a legal requirement, and it's more than a way to gain approval for your projects; it's an opportunity to build positive stakeholder relationships through future-focused engagement that aims to make a meaningful change.
We're committed to fostering meaningful change with both our product and our commitment to being a socially responsible business.

Future-Focused Engagement

The days of passive engagement are gone. Today, stakeholder engagement is about actively building relationships with your stakeholders by involving them in decisions, listening to them and getting to know and understand their values and needs. If we've learned anything about our customers, it's that they're working towards meaningful change, whether it’s working to positively improve their internal stakeholder relationships or to sustainably design a large development project with thousands of impacted stakeholders.

Our dedicated and responsive team is here to support organizations of all sizes achieve their goals by providing a software made for future-focused engagement.

Why is Organized and Centralized Stakeholder Information so Important?

Using a cloud-based SRM is an opportunity to lower your stakeholder engagement risks, build meaningful stakeholder relationships, and keep your projects moving forward from wherever you and your teammates are working.

Jambo offers an easy-to-use platform for you to manage all your stakeholder engagement information, so everyone always knows exactly where to find everything they need. With all your data centralized and organized, you’re better able to track and manage essential information about your stakeholders and engagement projects. These insights help you understand what your stakeholders care about, build relationships with them, learn from them, and combine their knowledge with yours for successful project outcomes.

Our Promise to Give Back

“Our name Jambo (jam-bo!) is a Swahili greeting similar in meaning to the English word "Hello." We chose this name because all consultation starts with "Hello," but the meaning and connection also runs much deeper for our entire team.”

Our commitment to building relationships for meaningful change is part of our business DNA, whether it's with our team, our customers, or communities across the globe. Being a socially responsible business and supporting a worthy and important cause was a decision we made right from the very beginning. 

Even before we named our software Jambo, we knew we wanted to give back financially to those in need. We committed to supporting Classrooms for Africa, a Canadian-based charity that provides direct assistance to communities in disadvantaged areas of Sub-Saharan Africa that want to build classrooms and other school buildings like dormitories and kitchens.

Last year, to solidify this commitment, Jambo officially joined the Pledge 1% global movement with the commitment to give back 1% of profit to Classrooms for Africa. 

Our decision to give back in this way is one of the driving passions behind our business. 

To see our Pledge 1% in action, together with others from the Silvacom Group of Companieswe aim to send one of our team members to Africa with Classrooms for Africa each year. Read all about our most recent trip here.

The Jambo Partner Community

Stakeholder engagement is now a component of projects spanning multiple sectors. Sometimes a client insists on it, sometimes it's a regulatory requirement, and sometimes it's just considered the 'right thing to do'.

The Jambo Partner Community is an ecosystem of trusted partners that offer exceptional stakeholder engagement services that complement our SRM software platform. We work together to share our expertise through the creation of helpful and educational content like blogs and webinars.

Whether you work for a large organization or simply work for yourself, you're invited to become a member of the Jambo Partner Program.
Let’s team up and create success...together!

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Jambo Partner Community Members:

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